Adin Healthcare is now Fast360

Please pardon us while we do a little rebranding. ADIN Healthcare is now FAST360 and we are now getting ready to complete the last phase of our rebranding in which we will retire the ADIN name and continue serving our clients as FAST360.

You will continue to receive the same expertise and commitment to delivering the best service and results from the same team. But now our company name is "FAST360" instead of "ADIN."

ADIN Healthcare



ADIN offers customized network development to
meet the unique needs of our clients.

The ADIN network provides contracted imaging facilities within a comfortable driving distance for over 80% of the United States population. Our credentialing standards ensure only high quality network facilities are included.

In addition, ADIN has an effective out-of-network negotiation process in place that guarantees the best possible savings in the limited areas where a network facility is unavailable.